Sunday, April 5, 2009

Valentine's Day Service Project

We had the girls frost and decorate heart-shaped sugar cookies for the Bishopric for Valentine's Day. The sugar cookies were made earlier in the day due to time constraints, but the girls had a blast frosting the cookies and deciding which cookies went to which Bishopric member.
They also signed a Thank-you For All You Do card for the Bishopric and at the end of the night, the Bishop let us into his office to drop off the three plates and the card.

There were so many extra cookies that we suggested that they also give a cookie to each of the cub scouts. They weren't too sure about this at first (LOL) but they eventually warmed up to the idea and had fun going around the building delivering cookies. (Some of the girls felt the need to go and visit some of the older scouts and make sure they were eating their cookies. LOL!)

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