Sunday, April 5, 2009

Ward Primary Activity Booth

The primary president asked the activity day group to plan a booth/station for a ward primary activity.

We had to make sure to plan an activity that would be easy for the junior primary to participate in. We ended up planning a music game. This activity can be found in the April 1996 Friend Magazine.

Musical Pop Hop

Arrange chairs, one for each player, in as large a circle as possible. Play different kinds of music at different tempos. The children start by sitting on their chairs. As the music is played, when they feel they are "ready to burst" with it, they should just pop off their chairs and hop around, pretending to be popcorn kernels, jumping jacks, frogs, floppy coil toys, or other active object. However, if they touch another child, the two who have touched must sit down again. When all the children are sitting, or when only one child is left, they take turns performing again, but one at a time, with the other children guessing what they are.

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