Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Cooperation Games

We focused on cooperation during this Activity Days. We played several games relating to cooperation. The girls had to cooperate in order for them to accomplish their goals.

I found the following ideas online:

TITLE: Dragon's Jewels
AUTHOR: Dan Beaubien, Altamont Elementary; Klamath Falls, OR
PURPOSE: Teach cooperation, coordination, communication,ability, fun.
OBJECTIVES: For Dragon - guard the jewel and touch (or freeze) the Knights as they enter the circle. For Knights - get the jewel with out being touched(frozen) by the Dragon.

Have the class sit down in a circle with their legscrossed and enough space on either side for a person to passthrough in and out of the circle. Choose one person to be the Dragon and two others to bethe Knights. The Dragon goes into the circle with the jewels (a beanbag or a small ball). When he/she drops the jewel it can nolonger be touched by anyone except the Knights. If thedragon should touch the jewel (even accidentally) it willfreeze the Dragon. The two Knights try to enter into thecircle where the jewel is being guarded and with out beingtouched (frozen) grab the jewel and get it out of thecircle. When Knights achieve objective or two minutes havepasses (and Dragon wins) then pick new players.

Communication and Cooperation:

Divide the class into teams of four each. Blindfold each student that is going to do the exercise. Let one team go at a time so students in the class can observe the team problem solving. Coil a rope up in a large play area. Tell the students they are going to make a square with the rope and each team member must end up holding one corner of the square. They will need to discuss strategy and plan how they are going to proceed. They will need to be reminded to keep talking to one another and support one another in this exercise until they are ready to say they are done. Students may remove the blindfolds when the facilitator says they may do so. The facilitator may also set a time limit or time the team to raise the level of urgency in getting their task completed.

Cooperation – Land Skiing
Two or three children stand on long boards with ropes attached to each end. The children must work and move together to go from one end of the room to another. If someone falls off, the group must start over at the beginning.

The girls had a really good time with these games and learned to work together for a common goal.

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