Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Giant Board Game

In this activity, I created a giant "Life"-style board game on the floor of the Primary Room. They had to try to get from the starting square to the finish square first. In order to move, they had to answer a gospel-related question and if they got it right, they rolled a giant die and moved the amount of squares indicated. Some of the squares were blank and other squares had instructions like: move back 1 space, move forward 2 spaces, hop on one foot until your next turn, flap your arms like a bird until your next turn, pretend to be a monkey until your next turn, etc.. you can get really creative with the instructions on the squares. You can either stop the game when someone wins or you can keep going until all of the children have finished.
The girls really had a good time with this game and were able to put their knowledge of the gospel to the test!

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