Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Easter Games

To continue the Easter celebration, we had an Easter Game night. I brought plastic Easter eggs with a hint about the game we were going to play inside them. I let the girl who said the opening prayer start by opening the first egg. The girl who came in first place for that game got to pick the next egg and so on.

“These eggs want you to be PUSHY and NOSY!!”
Egg Roll – The girls had to push plastic eggs with their noses to the finish line. Because the plastic eggs were empty, they were rolling all over the place!

“Keeping your chin up would be a bad idea!!”
Pass the Easter Egg – The girls were split into two teams and had to pass a plastic egg under their chins from girl to girl. If it droped, that team had to start over from beginning. First team to pass all the way won.

“Quack, Quack, Waddle, Waddle”
Duck Walk Race – The girls had to squat and grab their ankles from behind and "waddle" to the finish line.

“Hop till you drop!”
Bunny Hop – The girls were split into two teams again and a relay race. They had to put a pillow between their legs and hop across the room and back and then pass the pillow to the next girl. To make this game harder, you can also have them pass the pillow without using their hands.

“Help! I’ve lost my tail!”
Pin the tail on the bunny – Each of the girls was blindfolded, given a cotton ball with a pin attached, spun around 5 times and pointed toward the board with the picture of the bunny on it.

The Most Beautiful Bunny Contest – Each girl had a picture of a bunny which they could color and decorate in whatever way they wished. The pictures were put up to a vote for prettiest, most creative, funniest, most colorful, etc

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