Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Table Manners

In this Activity Days, I taught the girls about proper table manners in formal and informal dining experiences. We discussed everything from talking with your mouth full and showing appreciation to the host/hostess to proper use of a napkin and how to use the cutlery appropriately.
I also showed them examples of the types of place settings they might see in various dining situations. I found several examples in a cookbook I have and also online. I had place settings set up on a table for them to look at informal and formal dining. I also brought a picture with me of a place setting for a 7-course meal. Most people will never have to be faced with such a daunting challenge, but the girls really enjoyed looking at the picture and were amazed at the number of glasses and cutlery.
I suggested that the girls put their new knowledge into use and try out some of these table manners during their own family meals. I also encouraged them to volunteer to set the table for their parents and show their family what they learned about place settings!

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