Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Put your Best Foot Forward Mother/Daughter Picnic

This activity can be held either indoors or outdoors depending on weather. I laid out blankets on the floor of the primary room for our picnic. We provided the sandwiches and lemonade and we asked all the girls and their mothers to bring a side dish. I also asked one of the mothers to bring a special cake to celebrate the birthday of her daughter who was coming to Activity Days for the first time.
After everyone ate, we had all the girls (with their mom's help) trace their foot onto a piece of paper. Inside the foot they wrote two quotes: "To stay on your toes - get on your knees" and "Don’t pray for Heavenly Father to guide your footsteps unless you’re willing to move your feet". Then the girls cut out the foot to take home with them. Some of the moms did a foot too! We encouraged the girls to have personal and family prayers every day.
Then we had each of the girls share something they enjoyed or learned in Activity Days over the last six months.

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